Saturday, February 6, 2010


or in plain Dutch, 'n bult sneeuw. Article in Algemeen Dagblad
A whole lot of snow and to be honest, I am impressed. We still have electricity and our little circle is already cleaned from the mess on the streets.
When it started last night I didn't expect it to be this much. I mean, those American weather people don't differ much from the Dutch, usually they are kind of wrong. I think you know what I mean.
But this time they hit the nail on the head.
We were going to have a snowstorm and we got it.

Just before 6 this morning Jack woke me up, not sure what to do.
The dogs needed to go out, but stepping of the porch was nearly impossible.
At that point the snow was up to half a meter. No sighthound in it's right mind would step into that.
Now, Paquita would be another question, but we had 3 others to consider.

The solution came from the dogs themselves, they peed on the porch.

Anyway, since I was awake, I got out of bed and after breakfast Jack started digging a path to the road.
By this time it was around 7 or 8 (I forgot) and the snow plough came through our street once already.
So the dogs could be walked, phew….

LOL, Cara and Paquita looked so small in the snow.

At that time it was still snowing, and it kept snowing, until around 1 this afternoon.
We ended up with a huge amount of snow. Jack measured 28 to 30 inches on our deck, which is 70 to 75 cm. Have to say I am glad the roads were taken care off really fast here, it meant we could more or less take the pups out. But besides that, we had nothing else to do than keep our driveway clean and relax all day. (And off course take Paquita out for an extra walk, she loves the snow)
We were downright lazy and tomorrow will probably the same until the moment we have to go to that superbowl party. Oh, another reason I am really glad we didn't lose power, I got to bake brownies and a lemon cake for tomorrow.

In a few we have to walk the dogs again, it is dark already and they say the temperatures are going down well below freezing point. Not looking forward to it, it will be slippery.
But at least the sky is clear now, so no more snow.
And we had a pretty sunset. Here seen from our kitchen.

And a few more pics from today, the house, our deck and our little stream. Enjoy. We are going to walk the dogs and than sit in front of the fire, having taco's for dinner.

Ohhhh, for the people who are following our Visa Journey?
I got an e-mail, our case is transferred to California.
Normally, that is good news, they want to speed up things and we might even get our green cards without having to do an interview...


Kasaka said...

Dat ziet er ook erg sneeuwerig uit! Hier ook "snowmageddon" en "snowpocalyse" en "Serious Saturday Snow". Het is heel wat!

Petra said...

Wow that is serious snowing!
Hope that this was it for you and no more snow.