Friday, February 5, 2010

Silence before the storm

Right now I am enjoying my breakfast. Coffee and an onion bagel.
Yummie, not my normal breakfast. But we went grocery shopping yesterday and got some extra yummie bagels for the occasion.
Normally we do our groceries Friday afternoon, never a problem since these places are so huge, you always can find a place to park and never have to wait long in line for checkout.
This time it seemed wiser to go on Thursday and for the first time I thought it was busy at Giant.
We had to park beyond the place we return the carts and that was a first.

2 things, first of all, it is Superbowl weekend. Meaning that Sunday everyone will be sitting in front of their widescreens, watching the big football game, stuffing their face with wings and other goodies. Or, they will have a superbowl party, in which case a whole group of people that doesn't have to be related, will sit in front of the widescreen tv, in the meantime stuffing their faces with , you guessed it right, wings!
A lot of those wings are bought at our local Giant, reason #1 to shop early.

Second, we have a snowstorm coming.
Sounds like it may be a big one this time, they are showing us the storm warning since yesterday.
Newsshows are talking about nothing else and tell us to make sure we have enough food, water and batteries for our flashlights and cellphones.
The snow is supposed to start falling around 1 pm here and there should be between 1 and 1,5 foot 930 tot 45 cm) when it stops tomorrow afternoon.
Schools are already announcing early dismissals since late last night and some schools are closed already. Ehhhhhhh, I haven't seen a snowflake yet?

Anyway, we stocked up on our weekend supplies and I got an onion bagel out if it :-)
Jack will try to get home early so we can bring enough wood in to last us for quite some time, just in case we loose power and I filled all birdfeeders to the rim, to make sure they can have their own superbowl party. It already is very busy at the feeders, birds seem to know when the weather is going to change.

Sooooooo, we are ready. My camera batteries are being charged,  I expect my son to be home early from school and hope Jack can get away early too.

I am off now, have to make sure I have everything to make dessert for the superbowl party with the neighbors. Hope we can get there Sunday, I may end up digging out Jack's old ski's.


houndstooth said...

I hope you enjoy the party! I wish we were just staying home for the Super Bowl! I think the best part of it is the commercials.

Kasaka said...

Wish you were coming to our party, we need some desserts! Yours sound delicious!