Thursday, November 1, 2007

Boo To You

Every year my dear neighbors invite friends over for a pumpkin carving afternoon before Halloween arrives. There is always lots of food and drink and this year there were 8 adults and 2 children so I think you can figure out that it is not just for the kids. LOL

Then on Halloween night the kids in the area go out Trick or Treating in the neighborhoods. I always go to the neighbors house to help them hand out goodies. This year we had just about 150 kids stop by all dressed up. Candles were put in the carved pumpkins and it is a fun evening.

The last picture is one of my "masterpiece" LOL A wolf howling at the moon.

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Laura said...

Hi Jack and Peet,

We had 2 children at the door this year with halloween.

It was w.e.i.r.d. : Eric opened the door and he seriously alsmost had a HEARTATTACK because he did not expect to see two dressed up children in the dark screaming 'happy halloweennnn!!'

Ofcourse we gave them candy because we were affraid that the house would become egged or toilet-papered because we learned from watching all the american movies that such things can happen.

Oh, and those carved pumpkins look awesome by the way! You could make a lot of money with that overhere if you give workshops :)

So now I have to read all the other updates also... I'll do that tomorrow, looking forward to read the Disneyland stories.

- Laura