Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Impressions part 3

This will probably my last impressions post for now, but our visit in February will have a totally different character so than there maybe more.
Yup, that is right, in February my son and I will go for another visit to the US.
This time we will bring a real visit, short, but more in touch with real life than Disney world.
And I am really looking forward to see where Jack lives, works and writes his blog entries from.

Anyway, there is little difference between Europe and the US when you go for a short vacation in a place like Disney.
But one thing that really stood out was the food, not the kind of food, we have all kind of foreign influences also, but the amounts.
Even my almost 13 year old son couldn't deal with the amounts.
There was always too much. Starting with the drinks. You can drown in them.
I know, half of them is ice cubes, but still...
Hot dogs are twice as big as over here.
And how much it hurt us, we had to leave some on our plates at times.
Which is so against how I was brought up.
I mean, my Mom used to say that the little kids in Africa would love to have half of what I had. And than my grandmother, who had to raise a family during the second world war, she would have been shocked about the fact that I couldn't eat everything on my plate.
But honestly...half a piece of ribs was more meat than I ever ate.
Can't imagine people ordering a full one. tasted good.

If you start traveling as a Dutchman, you start realizing how lucky we are.
In all honesty I can say that we have the best water in the world.
Traveling to the US showed that again.
With our tap water you could make a bottle of baby food without any trouble, the water is extreme clean and has no weird taste.
Thinking the water would be the same over there (never heard about bad quality in the US) I thought to be smart and refilled my water bottle at the water fountains in Disney. Boy, did I regret that. It tasted like chloride and upset my stomach for the rest of the day.
I right away understood why my son didn't like the Koolaid that we made in the apartment the first day. At home he loves it.
Guess that means bottled water for us when we are over there.


Petra said...

Comment from Willeke:

I used to ask for a doggy bag and I know many many "Mercans" do that, and then have the second half of your portion at home as a new meal later that day or the day after. And I still don't like ice cubes, only when it's really really hot!!
Whereabouts does Jack live again, wasn't that up in Pa? It's a lot colder there than in Florida of course .
When I lived in the States I had a filterinstallation in the fridge, so the cold water from the dispenser was filtered and tasted quite good, actually.
Did you liek the sink thingy that will grind away all "green" trash? I really had to get used to it, but then it is really handy and so clean... no more stinky trash!

What I really really love is the systematic way of numbering streets, you always know where you are and it's almost impossible to lose the way, I absolutely loved it!! And in Lubbock you had the Loop around the town, but there was a service road right along that, on which you could find all the big stores and dozens of restaurants, marvellous!
And people are so open and friendly and welcoming to you, I really appreciated that. Hope to hear a lot more about your experiences in the States, it's fun to compare notes!!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Unfortunately, that would be why lots of Americans are fat!