Saturday, November 17, 2007

While Jack is praying for snow...

the Netherlands is preparing for one of our best holidays.
It is one Jack will miss unfortunately, but on the 5th of December Sinterklaas celebrates his birthday.
It is a festivity mostly for the kids. From what I understand the American way of celebrating Christmas is based on it.
Anyway, today Sinterklaas arrived in many places all over the Netherlands. If possible he arrives on a boat, and after that he travels on horseback.
As all kids know, on a white horse with the beautiful name Amerigo.
That it not always goes as planned is something we could see in Alkmaar.
Amerigo couldn't handle the stress and went into strike.

Oh, Amerigo was fine after this episode, he is getting the much needed rest and wasn't hurt.
Something we can't say about Sinterklaas, his ego was bruised.

(Can already tell that since Jack behaved (he wasn't too bad) he will be getting a small gift from Sinterklaas which will be waiting for him when he arrives.)

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