Thursday, November 8, 2007

Welcome to Pennsylvania

Before I start on this topic I want to comment on Petra's posts. Yes indeed, the Cirque was the most incredible event for me on our trip to Disney. From the very beginning until the lights went out on the stage it was non stop amazing theatre and circus combined. We both at one point said to each other how wonderful the music was. It was hard to believe that the live musicians there were putting out that sound. All I can say is that even the most stubborn of people about going to such things would be left with their jaw open and sorry that it ended.

As for the water here. It is different in other parts of the country but overall, you are right, it is loaded with so called good chemicals (LOL) and generally tastes terrible. Almost every office or job location offers bottled water and many people do use purifiers on their water at home. As far as food portions go, it is pretty much the same everywhere here. Doggy bags are very common and it is right that we think nothing of reheating up leftovers later.

Now my post today. I am going to have visitors in February and I am really excited about that. Petra will see everyday life in America and where I live and work. I hope you are not bored to death by the second day. LOL

I also have been given a very big order from Petra for their visit. I am to make sure that we have snow here to play in. Hmmm, can't promise that we will but there is a good chance. And if we don't have any on the ground here at the house we can always drive 10-15 minutes to the ski slope and they will surely have some. I don't think I will get on ski's but I sure do want to try those tubes. LOL

The view from my bedroom window. This was taken last year but it looks the same right now.

Tubing at the ski slope.
The snow at my house last March.

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