Wednesday, April 2, 2008

About wolves and their relatives

As the most of you know, Jack and I met because of our mutual love for greyhounds.
So it won't come as a surprise that I wasn't only looking forward to be back with Jack, but also finally meeting his rescued ex racers.
How someone interacts with his or her dogs always tells a lot about the person and I was very happy to see that I wouldn't get disappointed.
The way these two dogs adore Jack is so much fun to see, on the other hand is is hilarious to see how, mostly Johnny has Jack wrapped around his paw.
Where Jack is, are the dogs, if Jack moves to another room, the dogs will follow.
This lead to a funny situation the first night when, much to their shock both dog found out they had to share the bed with another human.
LOL, I love dogs, but I also like being able to breath.
It took some getting used to, but some soft blankets on the floor worked miracles.
....and no, it wasn't any humans sleeping on the floor.

I hope one day they will forgive me.

One of the other trips that we made was to a wolf sanctuary.
It normally isn't open during the week, but since we had to leave on saturday again we were welcome during the week for a guided tour. We had to be there early in the morning and it was freezing cold. After wondering if we were at the right place first, we had to drive way back, we saw a fenced in area and yes, a few wolves, one of them a tripod, limping around.
To be honest, at that moment I didn't think much of the place, it looked old and neglected.
The feeling got worse when Jack stepped out of the car trying to find some one which took him quite some time.
A man, long gray hair in a ponytail, old clothes and his hands folded around a cup of coffee came out, looking not too happy. He would be with us in a few minutes, we were too early.
When he finally returned Jack introduced us as his visitors from Holland.
Which made the guy look up and ask if we didn't come from Europe than. You could see him think that he would never have gotten up this early if he had known.
We were quick to tell him that we did come all the way from Europe.

Oh boy, I had little hope for the rest of the morning while we followed him in the freezing cold.

We walked to the back where he set him self in front of the fence and started to tell his normal lines. It started to look like we would be out there soon, but the whole trip was set up because all three of us are really interested. To get some real information for my son, I started asking questions with in the back of my mind the things I learned about wolves in Europe and the things I had seen in Scooby, where at that time huge groups of Spanish greyhounds lived together.
When he found out we were really interested we got response, he started talking about the hybrids, wolf/dog mixes. Why they ended up there, the dangers of keeping animals like that in the house. He showed us the separate wolves, told their stories and finally showed how much work they did there and ,most of all how much he loved doing the work.
The rest of the time went faster than we liked and it got so interesting that we almost forgot how cold it was.

What I saw in him was what you see more with people who have to deal with people in order to rescue animals, they need the money people spend, but in the meantime realize more and more it is the same humans that make this work necessary.
It takes them time to warm up to people.
Once you give them that time, you are sure to hear the best stories and get the most information.
After all, it was a morning more than well spent and I can only recommend a visit to the wolves of Speedwell

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