Thursday, April 10, 2008

turned in to one of 'them'

Yup, today it became pretty clear, I turned into one of them.
The ex-smokers who have absolutely no patience with smokers.

About 20 months ago I finally did it, I stopped smoking, after years and years of not having the courage, I decided to just do it while I was in the middle of a nerve wrecking period of my life. The next day Jack also stopped.
Being able to support each other, we got it done. Both of us are still smoke free and even though we both gained some weight, it was one of the best decisions ever.

The first and only previous attempt to stop smoking I lived in a house where my partner smoked, so I really never got out of the smell. So as long as no-one smoked in the same room as the baby, I was ok with someone smoking close to me, in my house or any place.
Only during my pregnancy I thought it really smelled bad, but hey, I also couldn't handle perfume or other stuff at that time.
This time it is different.

I moved out of the house that was smoked in and moved in here, no one ever smoked in this house. The walls are white, there is no smell.
And this time I started realizing how the stench gets into every thing, your clothes, your pores, your hair, your curtains and even your clean laundry.

For some time now I decided to allow no one smoking in my house. There is an ashtray in the shed. When my son comes home after the weekend, his clothes go into the laundry and he has to take a shower.
Until now still pretty ok in my book, since I do this in my own house.

But today I turned into one of 'those', one of the people who will make nasty remarks even outside their own home.
Today I told the guy that was cycling in front of me that I hated to have to breath his smoke since this took away all the fun of being outside in the spring while the weather was nice.

Yup, I am one of 'them' now.

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