Wednesday, April 23, 2008

For now it hurts...

more than I ever could imagine.

Someone told me once, dogs are only capable of hurting you once. That is when they die.
And when you have to say goodbye to two at once, it hurts twice as much.

My house feels empty when I come home, and I haven't got enough leashes in my hands when walking. Isa will never again win people over for the breed that she was such a wonderful ambassador for. Tom will never again tell other dogs to stay away from his girls and he will never greet me again by putting his front paws on my shoulders.
And Isa will never again rub her face against my legs.

Right now there is a big gap in my life and my heart.

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jack said...

My life was made happier on two trips to Petra's and her group. That is a very true statement. The time that they hurt you is when the time comes for them to leave you. I have only very happy memories of my time with Tom and Isa.