Friday, April 4, 2008

Howling Wolves

Petra's description of our visit to the wolf sanctuary is just how I saw it also. It wasn't at all what I was expecting and when we drove back into the place past buildings in disrepair and really just some junk, I was thinking to myself...oh oh. I sort of had in my mind that the wolves would be in large fenced in natural areas that maybe we had to drive through in a guided jeep or something. Instead there were several large fenced in pens that groups of wolves lived in. I guess now looking back on my question to him on the phone as to whether there was a good chance that we would see any wolves was sort of silly. They were all there in front of us. LOL The neat thing about having them all together was that shortly after we arrived we were treated to a group howling of the wolves.

As Petra said, the caretaker of the wolves started out a little guarded and slow but as he saw that we were really interested he warmed up and shared a lot of things with us and made it very interesting. He does need to study his world geography a little bit though. On the phone I told him that I had guests from the Netherlands. When we arrived I introduced Petra and her son as my friends from Holland. He said, I thought you told me they were from the Netherlands. LOL But once he warmed up to us he made the trip well worth it.

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