Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A journey about to start

When we chose this title we hoped we had picked the right one.
And after traveling back and forth several times last year, we could say we are way beyond the starting part.

But there are other meanings hiding behind it, one of them was that we hoped to start the journey towards a life together.
The last few months we have been looking into how to make that happen and yesterday we took a big step into the journey of getting together for the rest of our lives.
What we did up to now was finding out what papers we needed.
Until now all we needed was a passport and permission for my son to leave the country for a short period of time.

Now we want to start a journey that asks for a lot more...

The most important step I took last night, sharing our plans with my sons father.
Asking him to think about everything and than hopefully give us permission for my son to live with us.

For Jack and me it is another start in our journey together.
And from now on we hope to keep you up to date with how far we are into this journey.

Feels like I should add a picture.
How about a beautiful memory from our last trip?


Anonymous said...

Super Petra!


Anonymous said...

I am crossing my fingers for a positive reaction...


Anonymous said...

wish you both luck with every step you make in this journey