Monday, September 15, 2008

Living in a fairytale

Nope, don't mean that I am living with my head in the clouds, unaware of what is going on in the world. LOL, sometimes I wish.
But summer nights in Pennsylvania have a little extra that makes it look like you are living in a fairytale world.
When the sun is going down, the lightning bugs wake up and transform the garden in to something so beautiful. At first you see a few little lights rising up from the ground between the trees. But before you know it they are everywhere you look, little glowing lights rising up from the grass.
During our first trips abroad with my parents we saw them in Germany. Also in those days they seemed so amazing, we would take extra walks at night to find them.
To see them this close and in such amounts was wonderful and added something special to every night, so much that I missed them when we were in Cape May.
That and the sound of the cicadas...

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jack said...

One thing happened during our summer month together, my eyes were re-opened to many things that I take for granted living here. Just as it may seem strange for me to be amazed by every old building in Europe that dates back several hundred years because it is common for you to see every day, many things here have become common to me that are not found everywhere else in the world. The fireflies every summer night, the rabbits and squirrels running freely around my yard, the big skies that we have here, all seem so common but it was great fun to enjoy them with Petra. We have a lot to see yet and I can't wait to enjoy every small thing together. Pennsylvania is about 3 times the size of the NL and much of it is public land, free and open to everyone. Most of the public land is forrest that would cover about 2/3 rds the size of Begium. But as big as all of that sounds, of the 50 states in the US, 31 other states are larger than Pennsylvania. We better get busy if we want to see much of it. LOL