Saturday, September 13, 2008

What's for Dinner?

If it comes to food I am not that adventurous. And until recent seafood was a big no no.
But after I started living alone I decided to see if I could get used to a few things and found out that the deep fried stuff isn't so bad.
Even introduced Jack to Kibbeling and he is hooked now.
For me it got so bad that I allow myself a 'gebakken visje' once a month.
This is deep fried fish made very tasty with a special seasoning.

So Jack thought I might be ready to try a few things in Cape May, because it is a fishing harbor after all.
Now, eating seafood was mostly a no because of the taste, but I have to admit, it can't be that much fun to eat something that is looking back at you.
And when Jack came up with pictures like this one, I had more than my share of doubts.

But we agreed, I would at least give it a try.
Little did I know that the way it worked, Calamari would be the first thing to try.
All deep fried, but still...
It didn't taste that bad and I could eat the rings again, but those tentacles, brrrrr.
After that it was the Kibbeling look a like, but that was kind of tasteless.
Jack also made me try something called clam strips. They tasted good also, but I am not sure I want to know what it exactly is.

Guess I will never be a real seafood eater if I look at my Moms face when I say I had fish and she tells me it doesn't count because it was deep fried.
Oh well, who knows, Jack threatened to get us lobster next time, does that count?


Anonymous said...

And by the way: RESPECT!!
I don't eat or trust anything with more than 4 legs and 2 eyes.


Anonymous said...

eeks what a lot of legs and stringy bits

Give me krab anytime lol