Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The way 'home' smells...

after weeks of rain, the weather is looking not to bad for a change.
That means my laundry can hang outside to dry and I can even wear capri's.
Today I grabbed a t-shirt with it that I had taken with me on the last trip.
And as soon as I pulled it over my head I was back. It smelled different than my other clothes, it smelled like sunshine and even a faint smell of the chlorine that makes the water taste so awful there.
I also smelled the detergent Jack buys at the Giant.

So today I am back for a little.
Remembering the look on Jacks face when I wanted a line to dry my clothes outside.
No one does that over there except for the Amish who have the most ingenious clothe lines. The search for 'knijpers' clothe pins, was interesting. I bet they have them over there, but all we found were some really old fashioned wooden pins.
I really should have taken a picture of those.
On the line, we had to compromise, I really wanted it out, in the wind, Jack wanted it out of sight. It ended up in the back of the yard, between the trees, enough shade but also in the wind and hardly visible from the road.
We Dutch may not hang our dirty laundry outside to dry, the Americans don't hang any laundry outside.
Still, they miss out on a really good experience, like getting into a bed with freshly washed and wind dried sheets at night.

Or like me today, wearing a shirt that smells like Pennsylvanian summer wind.

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jack said...

Ha ha. You are right, you rarely see clothes hanging on the line here but the line is still up and maybe I will start using it. LOL There is something nice about smelling that fresh air in your laundry.