Monday, September 29, 2008

Another sleepless night

and so I am sitting here, trying to think of something to write.
Again it looks like from the two of us, I will have to do the blogging for a while since Jack is over his head covered in work ( Is that a saying in English?)
Did I say jokingly that we would get together if world economy didn't collapse?
Well, maybe I should keep my mouth shut, looks like they are trying a bit too hard to make my words come true.

It is keeping Jack too busy at this moment and I am hoping everything settles down enough for him to feel comfortable coming over. But saying that sounds silly and selfish.
Learning a bit from Jack how the whole money business works (please note that I am saying 'a bit' here, I am not claiming to actually know anything)it is getting scary to watch the developments in the last few weeks.
I find myself sitting for the tv, watching CNN and wishing some people would get their heads out of their butts and start working together on a solution.
The longer this whole thing lasts, the more people will find out it affects us all, not just the people in their suits and big cars that have too much money.

Anyway, it is keeping Jack tied up with his work right now and I am not really sure what to do. Go ahead and get ready for his visit, or keep my excitement under control until I know for sure it goes on.

What I do know is that I have to make sure I get rid of my sore throat. Right now there is some kind of flu or cold going around and I got it this weekend. It is at the point now that we can't even talk over the phone, he wouldn't understand me because my voice is taking a vacation.
That flu also explains my sleepless nights at the moment.

One 'good' thing about it though was that I did get to see a part of the McCain - Obama debate while it was life on tv, so no explanations from all kind of reporters and experts yet but a chance to form my own opinion. Interesting to see how different US politics are from the Dutch way.
I am surprised that Jack and I am actually talking about politics this much. Having him explain how it all works over there makes me think about our system here and teaching me a lot about there.
But I have to say I am sometimes puzzled also.
Especially by how long US citizens can hold on to saying they belong to one party, but will vote for another. I really fail to see the need to be registered as being one or the other if in the end it doesn't say much about the way you vote.
But I guess this is where Americans fall for the trap we call "hokjesgeest". The oh so very Dutch need to put people in little boxes and put a mark on them.

Anyway, I am learning a lot, but mostly that I am not too fond about the 2 party system the US has. Looking at the election thing from over here it looks like one of those shows like Idols.

But I also will admit that I may be awake for the debate between Biden and Palin, just because...

Did I make any sense?
Probably not, but it made me sleepy enough to try to get some sleep.
I'll leave you with a picture I made today.
I bought 2 Hydrangea's for my living room to make it look nice for Jacks visit.
Only later I realized that I will have to hide all sharp objects to make sure Jack doesn't cut them short like he does with the ones in his garden every year.

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