Tuesday, October 21, 2008

almost 200

amazing, the next post on this blog will be # 200.
When we started this blog we thought we would be together soon, but than reality hit.
Life doesn't happen as fast as we want it to happen.
In a way, that is good, we get more time to look forward to things.
And as my Mom used to say, the struggle makes you stronger.
And it does, even though we want things to go much faster, Jack and I still feel strong about why we started this journey.

It is only a week now before Jack will be here for the meeting with my sons father.
An important meeting, but I am quite confident about the outcome.
Still, it is exciting.

Something that is changing for me is the fact I am getting aware of us going to move to another country.
In the next months I hope to tell more about what that means, but right now I keep my mind occupied with stuff that isn't too important, but special to me.

Jack and I are planning our first time alone. And we both are hoping to spend x-mas together at Cape May. A place that got pretty special to me really fast.
But for some really weird reason, I have music on my mind today, music that is Dutch and I would like to share with Jack this vacation, x-mas music if you want, but I also have the feeling I need to have music close to me, music that reminds me of home.
For now I have found Anouk, Together alone and her newest, Who is your momma.
I have several Blof cd's and ordered the platinum cd.
But I need more suggestions.
Today I realized I won't hear Anouk, Blof or Marco Borsato on the radio there, I need to bring them with me.
But I need suggestions, help!!!

as an example...

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Anonymous said...

nowadays there's a LOT of possibilities for getting radio on your pc. I often listen to an Irish station here and I'm sure you will be able to find Dutch stations - you can even watch TV on your pc, like Uitzending gemist and so on...
you won't get irritated and find XChristmas stuff in September, for in the Staes they will first get all Halloween stuff on the shelves, and after that Thanksgiving and after that it's Christmas stuff everywhere!! And then you get Valentine's day and then St Patricks Day and then Easter, the 4th of July, summer vacation, back to school - can you tell I just LOVE the orderly way in which that is organized ? Fortunately it's easy to bring your dog(s) with you, no problems with quarantaine etcetera.