Friday, October 17, 2008

need to rant a little

this has nothing to do with Jack or our plans, but everything with the animals that brought us together.
Most of you know that I foster.
Most of you also know that the group I volunteer for does focus on the Spanish galgo's.
Being involved with greyhounds also means I know about the US part of the story and the Irish horror.

But living in the northern part of my little country also means that I am the contact for that part of the country if it comes to greyhounds.
And for Dutch standards, that is the worst part of the country for any dog, let alone a greyhound.
I really don't feel like going into it right now, I will one day.
But let me just tell you about the sweet girl that I have here right now.

She comes from a known greyhound breeder. Her owner bought her and it turned out she was ill. Something easily prevented by giving the common vaccinations. But hey, that costs money which you don't want to spend when a dog isn't racing yet.
Than, the new owner got sick, bit of a problem since the dog was meant for the track and he can't take her there now.
So she was never meant to be a pet. The wife didn't approve of having a dog inside the house. The dog was not gentle enough with the kids.
After a while, the dog, not even 1 1/2 years old didn't get walks or other ways to get rid of the energy that comes with dogs that age.
And since the owner lost his job, he wasn't contributing to the family anymore...
So, the dog needs to go, she is too hyper and not wanted as a pet.
Fortunately they get in contact with GINN
I told them to, please, bring the dog a.s.a.p.
Now she is here.
Purebred, good line.
Too skinny.
Too nervous
Ate whatever her owners ate.
Full of worms.
Lived in a kennel outside for months.

When I try to pet her, stroke her, I can feel her tremble, when I get out of sight, she panics, her tail does overtime when I return after having stepped out for 5 seconds.
After 2 days she gets that she can do her business outside.
That a cuddle is the best thing in the world...

Tomorrow she will leave.
To make sure that no more un-wanted greyhounds will enter this world, she will be spayed.
She will also get vaccinated, de-wormed and checked on other things by the vet.
She'll be operated on because the owner left her here with nipples that are inflamed which, from the looks of it, isn't from the last few days.

She will be taken care off.
She will find a good home and be happy.

She is one of the most beautiful, sweet, affectionate dogs I have had here over the years.
I just don't get it.
If even we treat animals like this, how dare we say something about other countries?
We always seem to know how others should do it,still we fail in treating animals the right way ourselves.

It is crazy, look at her picture, can you believe it?
Someone kept away the basic care for her, kept away love, medical care and decent food.

When I touch her, oh so soft fur, I can feel her tremble...


Petra said...
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Anonymous said...

what a face... tears in my eyes...


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Sweet face! Good luck with the foster greyhound.