Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I learned a new word yesterday

and it is a good one!

When I talked to Jack last night he said he was getting 'antsy'.
It made me laugh and right away I had a feeling on what it would mean.
Couldn't find it in my dictionary and didn't expect to. But Jack gave me a good idea on what it meant by showing this picture Photobucket

I think it very much describes how we both feel right now.
In a few hours Jack will board the plane that will bring him here.
It won't be until tomorrow morning until he will be here, in the meantime, I will run around like a headless chicken.
Feeling antsy and nervous.
Oh well, it makes for a clean house if nothing else.

I like the word, but I love that tomorrow around this time Jack and I will be together again.

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nasa said...

Have a wonderfull time together!
We wish you all the luck in the world...
Sander, Nathalie, Jesse and Reza