Monday, October 6, 2008

It's Never Easy

It seems that the last two or three trips there have been outside issues that have popped up that potentially could have delayed our plans. Fortunately they didn't but here we are again and unless the world goes bankrupt, which is beginning to look possible, I will be getting on the plane in 23 days to visit Petra. It is a very important trip since we hope it will open up the door to actually start filling out papers and making this journey reach one of our biggest goals, being together.

When I booked the flight I did not realize that I will be missing two events over here that I always participate in. First is Halloween, LOL, which I understand is a much bigger deal over here than in most of Europe. No worries. I am bringing along three pumpkin carving kits and patterns so we can spend one evening creating our own works of art. It will be fun to just have an evening together playing with pumpkins and laughing.
The second thing I will miss which is more serious is our presidential elections. When I realized that, I immediately applied at the election office for an absentee ballot so I can cast my vote in this very important election. It seems like the past 8 years of George Bush has felt like 100 years and I want to make sure my vote is counted so I can help change the course of leadership over here. It is no secret that my vote is going to Obama since the republicans of Bush and McClain have done their best to destroy this country both at home and with our relations around the world. I feel Bush has been the worst president in the history of this country and my vote is not going to someone who seems dangerously close to him in policy. And as far as McCains VP choice of Palin? Wait a sec while I get back up off of the floor from laughing so hard. Only trouble is, if it weren't so scarey, it would be hilarious. Anyway, I will be anxiously watching CNN from the Netherlands to see the results on November 4.
Let's hope the world doesn't fall apart in the meantime so I can be there.

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