Sunday, October 12, 2008

A gorgeous day in the Netherlands

Today was one of those , not so common, beautiful days we can have in fall.
Sunny, dry, no wind, perfect for a walk in the woods.
The leafs are starting to color, not as bright as in Pennsylvania, but still, it was one of those days to go out and take a long walk with the dogs. So I put both my girls in the Doggyride behind my bike and we were off.
Turned out I wasn't the only one thinking that way, a lot of people walking their dogs and a lot of families with kids running around. It was very busy, but actually that was exactly what I was hoping for.

Cara, my new girl behaved great, she can be overly exited when meeting other dogs so this was good training for her, also having kids running around with big sticks and having fun was very good. She still has to get used to some things.
At some point I did something I usually don't do, near the little pond there are some benches and people let their dogs get into the water to swim.
When we arrived there, a sweet, young hunting dog came up inviting Paquita and Cara to play.
Since I had my pocket full of treats and Paquita was very interested in playing I let her go. Boy, did they have fun.
Paquita loves to show that she is half sighthound and very fast. The other dog loved going into the water and challenging Paquita to do the same. He was out of luck, that girl will not go into the water.
Later when called she came back as asked. Good girl!
During all this we had quite the audience which is always funny.
A lot of people were commenting on her being a racing dog which always makes me smile, since she is half border collie and half galgo, a hunting dog.
But as usual someone came up wanting to know more, which gave me the chance to talk about the rescue I volunteer for Greyhounds in Nood Nederland

When Jack is here, in 16 days, I hope the weather will be just as great so we can take the dogs out for this very same walk again. The good thing about doing these walks with Jack is that he doesn't mind talking to people about the dogs, since he knows how it is, having 2 rescue's himself.
Remembering the evening walks in Cape May, those were twice as much fun with people wanting to meet the dogs.
We even got a really nice picture of us because of an accidental meeting with a musician/photographer while walking them.

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