Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Teenagers are weird.

The conversation I had with my, almost 14 year old son this morning.
Son: There is a soccer game this Friday, sounds like fun.
Me: Nice, want to play?
Son: Yes, but...
Me: But what?
Son: It is on Friday, outside school hours...
Me: Is that a problem? I mean, if it is fun.
Son: Anyway, I should have handed in the form today, so I am too late.
Me: Well, if you can find the teacher, you still can.
Son: Mumble, mumble, grumble, grumble
Me: What is the problem, if it is too late and you don't want to get back alone, I can get on the bike and pick you up?
Son: That is not the problem.
Me: Than what is?
Son: It costs 5 euro to participate.
Me: So? I don't have it in my purse, but if you want to pay for it yourself, I'll give you the money back.
Son: Grumble, grumble, grumble....

Which was pretty much the end of the conversation. Why he even brought it up is beyond me.
I know he would like to go, but only brings up reasons not to go.
Can't force him to go, but some days I wish he was still the 8 year old that I could tell: You are going and you will enjoy it.

Imagine taking a kid this age shopping for clothes when he doesn't feel like it.
Jack and I experienced it. Sooooooooooo frustrating, having him drag his feet behind you and face that would kill if it was as effective as he meant it to be at that moment. Nothing is nice, having him try on something is like you ask him to go into a torture chamber and the new clothes are things we specially searched for to cause him the most agonizing pains. (btw, he wears those clothes with pride now, casually mentioning that they come from the US)
Those are the moments I wonder why Jack even bothers putting up with someone with a teenager.
He lived through it before and you would think he is warned an never do it again.

Guess it means you can survive a teenager.
But sometimes...Arghhhhhhhhhhh

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