Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Always have to smile when I see how enthusiastic Jack is when it comes to us.
Being Dutch and from the North also, it is not done to show your feelings like that.
It turned out that it was one of the worst ghosts we had to fight. A very ugly ghost that kept trying to come back.
But we fought it, with success and accepting that the other only showed it different but not felt it different.

At one point we started calling our fears, ghosts. And I think that unknowingly, we found the right word for it.
Accepting that it was something we could defeat by bringing it into the light, out in the open.
Ghosts love those dark secret hide outs that they can grow and get more scary with every day that it is kept away from the open.
Once we realized that, many ghosts were defeated.
Sometimes a little one shows up, but we don't allow it to grow.

Most of them have to do with getting older anyway.
And lets be honest, neither of us is 21 anymore.

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