Friday, June 29, 2007

My Bag is Too Small

I have most things layed out that I plan on taking and I tried this morning to see how it would all fit into the bag. IT DOESN'T!!!!!!!!!!!

I will have plane, train and bus travel so I am taking a bag that is not too big to be able to handle but it still has to hold a fair amount of stuff. Petra reminded me that much of it I don't need to pack because she will have it there. And of course we can always wash items and wear them again. Maybe I should just make this really simple and pack a couple pairs of jeans, a couple pairs of shorts, couple sweatshirts, undies and socks and be done with it.
One thing is for sure. Lot's of what I have layed out isn't going to make it into the bag.

Ah, don't worry Petra. I can show you several accident spots on my carpets. I am hoping that by the time you come to visit me that I have it replaced. If not, I know you will understand how they got there just as I will.

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