Monday, June 25, 2007

todays bump

Yep, found a bump in the road today.
For weeks we have been dreaming about the first moment when we meet.

I mean, what could be more romantic than falling into each others arms on an airport?
Well, the Dutch bus companies think that 4:30 AM is to early to be awake and driving.
So I can't get in Groningen early enough to get the right train to see Jack arrive.
Instead we have to find a way to meet somewhere on the train.
And you know what, in a way that sounds less romantic, doesn't it?

Ah yes, Jack's molehills.
To be honest, I can't wait to see them, from what I have seen it is beautiful there and I am looking forward to take long walks there together.
And the promise of a camping trip in the wild is something I won't forget either.
That is something you can't do over here , it is too crowded and you would probably end up finding you set up your tent in a pile of dog sh..

And Jack, that is something you will have get to used to also, no one here picks up after his dog.
We are a dirty bunch.

Anyway, today I am a little sad about missing that first moment on the airport.

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