Saturday, June 30, 2007

His bag is too small?

-sigh- never thought I would hear a man say that.
Thought it were usually women complaining about those kind of things.
Anyway...this little country is pretty up to date, we have Internet, phone, a/c in cars, washers and dryers. Shaving gel and toothpaste shouldn't be hard to get.
And you know what, probably the same brand you use, or at least from the same company.
We are so US orientated, it is scary at times.
My son learned English not through school, but on the street and from TV.
He is using slang I don't dare to use, but he doesn't know better because he hears it being used in his favorite music.

With this visit getting close, we see less and less of each other.
With us both busy getting ready, we seem to miss the normal opportunities to talk to each other.
And you now what, I miss him.

4 long days to go.

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Anonymous said...

a new world is opening up for me my oldest sisters world,howe wonderful to find that you are finding your new world a new life a new love.
life can be so good.
there can still be bumps in the road but think that the are there to make you take the right road and to make you stronger in life and love.
happy travel.yvon