Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pennsylvania Mountains?

I made the mistake once of sending pictures to Petra of the area that I live in and referred to the scenery as having mountains. That left her with a perfect opportunity to tease me and she never lets me forget it. Mountains are what you have in Europe, the Alps, etc. and what we do have here also in the Rockies. What Petra saw were little "mole hills" as she called them.

I really like the way we can tease each other. I actually look forward to being teased about some of the stupid things I am capable of saying or doing. LOL

The reason I bring this up is that as I think about what my expectations are of the Netherlands, I believe that is the one thing that may be hard for me to get used to at first. Everything is so flat! The countryside looks beautiful but I think I will find it hard not to see my "mole hills" somewhere in the background. Haha.

One thing that I know I will enjoy is the signs of history. I mean history longer than 200 years ago. Over here we think a building that is 200 years old is worth making a bus trip to go see. I can't wait to see some of the sights that date back several centuries.

As far as the people go, I have a very good feeling that it will be much easier fitting in than I was afraid at first. I admire the fact that the Dutch, as well as many other Europeans, think it is natural to speak multiple languages. That sure makes it easier for me and also makes me realize how sorry I am that that is not the attitude over here. Good luck coming over here and asking for directions in Dutch or any other language for that matter.

If the Netherlands is made up of people such as Petra and some others I have been fortunate to meet then I am going to feel very much at home.

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