Tuesday, September 11, 2007


After a week of silence I finally found the courage to up date our blog again. Last week was a disaster, things that could go wrong, went wrong. At a certain point I got so discouraged that I told Jack the whole trip might fall through for me.
Most important were the dogs to me.
While it looked like they were taken care off, I mean, they had two places to go to, I am having a really hard time getting there.
Right now it looks like it is working out, but arghhhhhhhhhh.

All it came down to, is one of my biggest frustrations for years now.
And usually I am scared to say it out loud because at times people don't even believe me, but I don't have a drivers licence.
And with so many dogs, it is turning in to a huge challenge.
One of my other huge frustrations... I have to depend on other people for transport a lot. Unfortunately, train and bus won't take me everywhere , or if they do, not always on time.

Going for your licence in the Netherlands is, as one of my sisters just found out, a long, expensive and (I hate to use the word again but...) frustrating experience.
And right now it looks like I won't be taking that road yet, thanks to other things that went wrong last week.

But to end this rant (sorry this turned into one) it looks like it is working out for the dogs.
And I really have to thank Jack for his patience with me. He kept telling me things would turn out fine.
He is right, but oh boy, some moments I wanted to hit him on his head with those words.
But it was probably just what I needed to hear at those moments.

In the meanwhile, it is becoming fall here, it is cold, wet and windy.
Time for socks and sweatshirts.
Hard to imagine that we will be wearing t-shirts again in just over 30 days.

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