Monday, September 24, 2007

A bit of the US in the Netherlands

Yesterday I took a little peek into what some people over here see as the American way of life.
A group of car owners named the American Sunday Cruisers visited the place I live and I went over to take a look.
There was music and a group of Harley drivers to brighten up the occasion.
Even though I do like looking at cars and motorbikes, I sure hope there is more to the American way of life than that.
Wouldn't want to hear country style music every day, certainly not with a very Dutch accent.
But it was fun to look at, these people live in a different way than ordinary people trying to be different. And in the same time they all cling together again, finding themselves in a group that does exactly the same as they do.
So much for being different.

Anyway, there were some nice old cars there.

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