Monday, September 3, 2007

Ditjes en datjes

It does look like we won't have any trouble getting food during our stay.
And we might even get to try real American food.
~sigh~ I love spareribs.
LOL, think that it was one of the first things I told Jack. I love food, but don't take me to a fancy place. Because I would totally embarrass him.

Today I sent out an emergency mail to the dog rescue group I volunteer for. Asking extra effort to get the 11 year old greyhound whippet mix re homed that I am fostering for weeks now.
It doesn't seem fair to have him stay again in another place, I would like to see him in his own home.

For the rest, October can't get here fast enough. Weather over here looks like fall, lot of rain and wind for days now.
I am longing for sunshine and warmth.

And an arm around my waist.

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yvonne said...

well Petra,

Don't worry about the weather, 'cause that should be fine over there!


Yvonne and Wim