Saturday, September 29, 2007

maybe there, but not here

Over here the weather is mostly following the rules at the moment.
Fall it is, fall is what we get. It has been raining most part of the night and now, at noon, it is still raining. Today I turned up the heating for the first time during the day.
To us the weather in Florida will come as a shock I think.
But it will be a great way to soak up vitamins before we start the long gray winter months.

Rather unexpected I have been very busy the last week and it looks like it will stay that way for a while. Which is fine in it self, but I keep forgetting to get some things that we really need.
Although I gave up on the bathing suit. But my son and I both need a haircut and I have to find a decent pair of shoes. I should do it today so I can walk them in. I know I will get huge blisters otherwise.
But the weather is so terrible, I don't feel like getting on the bike and get soaking wet.
Maybe if there is a dry spot.
We'll see.

Only 13 days left.

Well, it didn't get dry, but...mommy has new shoes :-)

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