Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Speaking Southern

I was joking with Petra the other night that they may get a real flavor of the US south if we run in to some natives that were born and raised there. While many people in Florida have moved there or are visiting from other parts of the country, the real southerners will be easy to pick out. All they have to do is start speaking with their southern accent and peculiar words. LOL

There is an entire dictionary of southern terms but here are just a few that we might hear.

Dreckly - (Soon)......"We'll be gettin on that plane dreckly to go to Disney World."
Fetchin - (Attractive)......" Petra sure looks mighty fetchin to me."
Fixin To - (About to)......." I'm fixin to meet Petra at the airport"
Jewant - (Do you want)......."Jewant to see Mickey Mouse?"
Shouldenoughta - (Should not)........" I shouldenoughta have another glass of wine"
Wender - (Window)........"Open that wender, it's hot in here"
Zit - (Is it)......."My, time sure do fly, zit less than a month until we leave?"

As in all parts of this country, people have accents and words that are not really words at all that they use. I'm sure other than a unique accent that is southern, most people use proper english but we may run in to a few old timers that will have us scratching our heads and asking each other "what did they just say?" LOL

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