Friday, March 7, 2008


I found the shop I can spend hours.
One thing that Jack and I both found again is our love for books.
Not too long ago I started reading books in English, which was hard at first, but after reading a few books that I really enjoyed, I can take on more challenging books now also.
And one of the things I really like in the US is the much lower prices of books, the difference is crazy, over here we pay more than double for the same book.
So when Jack asked if I wanted to shop, I asked for a visit to Barnes and Nobles.
He had told me about the shop already and now I had the chance to see it for myself.
My poor son already told me that next time he is staying home.
He never knew I could spend that much time in a shop, and I have to say, it was a first for me also.
What fun to find a shop with so many books that I had never seen, from writers I know so well.
And how wonderful not to have to choose one book, but to be able to get several and get books that you normally would let go, because you think you may like them, but you go for certainty with the other book you know you will like because it is more of the same.
For once I left my normal fantasy route and went for a book from Isabel Allende and the other book from the writer who wrote The Kite Runner.
What is even more fun is that I know Jack will enjoy these two books just as much as I do and we will share the books.

Now to find the time to actually read more than one or two pages a day.

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and don't forget Starbux that you can find in many of the Barnes & Noble stores.. I would meet my friend at the book store and after browsing we would relax and loko at out books and enjoy that marvellous coffee....