Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Yes, I did bring my camera...

for those who asked.

Not that I made that many pictures, next time there will be more, I promise.
But this time there was just too much to take in. And I still have to get the confidence to walk up to places and start photographing the things that really get my attention, like those houses that have their porches filled with the most strange stuff.
The wooden houses that have little paint left and look like they are centuries old.
Or the ones that have so many old cars there that it looks like a graveyard.
And I really would love some pictures of those big farms that are on top of the hills looking out over the area, when the fields are green. The red color of many of those wooden barns must look wonderful than.
But to get those I have to ask Jack to stop the car in places that I am not sure it is allowed. But next time I will ask.

Anyway, this time I was in tourist mode, got the camera every time we went on a trip. And our first trip was to a place I would love to visit several times over.
Listening to Jack we probably will, next time maybe on horseback.
On sunday we got in the car to visit Gettysburg, the area where an important battle in the Civil war was fought.These days the total area is preserved as it was in those days, no buildings except for statues every other meter and the farms that were there in that same time.
You can drive through the area between wooden fences that are still like they used in those days to keep their cattle in.
The whole area tells the story of how bloody the battle between the north and the south was. At this moment I am trying to read in to it a little since we know little about it over here. Still, it had such an influence on the way freedom was looked at in the US.
And it wasn't that long ago, if you realize that they already made photographs in that time.

That sunday it was a beautiful sunny afternoon and we enjoyed the views and climbing the rocks at Devil's Den. Much to our surprise, my son initiated a long walk up the hill to see the views. So that is what we did.
After that we drove around a little and visited the Pennsylvania Monument on which Jack great grandfather is mentioned also.

The area is to big to describe in one blog entry and to interesting for just one visit. So I hope we will be back there.

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Nice photo's there Peet. Love those wooden gates!