Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Hardest Part

The hardest part of these trips together is when we have to say goodbye for now. I know it is getting very hard for me. Whether it is Petra taking me to the airport or me taking her, it is no fun.

The hardest part about the few days before we see each other is that the time seems to drag on forever until we meet. Then once we are together the time goes so fast that it hardly seems like we had any time together at all. Then once the trip is over there is a big empty spot as soon as we say goodbye. I know it was especially hard for me this time because they came to the house here. When I got home after dropping them off at the airport the house felt so empty and quiet. For a week it was full of life and laughter and conversation. It was pretty hard coming home to a quiet house this time.

I will let Petra comment on the trip and her impressions and hopefully some pictures but I think we had another great time. We didn't do anything as big as DisneyWorld but we did do many simple things locally that were lots of fun and most of all we just enjoyed each others company.

I have to say that I really loved having them here and the house seemed like it was ours for a week. I really want that feeling again.


Anonymous said...


aw poor guys! When will the next trip be?? you'll just have to concentrate on that, I suppose...

Anonymous said...


The goodbyes are so much tougher than the hello's will ever be. Must be very difficult for you guys. It will all be fine in time. For now its an investment in the even better times to come .