Thursday, March 6, 2008

So here's more

for those who want to hear...

First of all, I loved to visit, loved being there and I think the country and the people living there are, in general, wonderful.

But...if everything was like it is over here, it would be pretty boring to write about it, wouldn't it?
So, just keep in mind I am not picking, bashing or thinking bad about the US (at least the part I saw) in my 'schrijfseltjes' but only pointing out the differences as I see them.
Honest, I can live there, without any problems I think, but some things would take getting used to.

One of the things that did surprise me was that even though the US is a modern country, I sometimes get the feeling it is back in time with some things.
Internet, dishwashers and all kind of other hightech stuff is available, but if there is a storm or ice rain, most depends on above ground wiring which is so vulnerable.
I can't imagine losing power for hours ever so often. I can't remember when we had that happen the last time here. And if it does, it makes the news, just like the babyboom 9 months later.

And than the mutilation of trees, poor things get abused so bad to prevent the branches from hanging over the roads or being too close to the wires.
They get their hearts cut out or their sides sawed off and end up looking strange and wounded. Something that is hard for me as Dutchman to grasp, since we put so much effort in saving and even grooming every tree.

All those wires also have effect on the looks of a street.
There seem to be no order in how many wires go to a house, from what side they come or where they go to.
To me it gives many places a bit of an old fashioned feel.

Something I probably will never get used to is the smell of skunk, ewwwwwwwwwww.
We had the 'pleasure' 3 times I think in this week.
Boy, does that smell bad, certainly for a cute looking animal like that.

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