Monday, March 3, 2008

My turn

to write again.
First of all, I agree with Jack, we had a wonderful time together.
Not that we ever have it a different way. Overall we seem to match really well.

This was going to be a totally different visit than the first one and it was.
For the first time we got to see a bit of what it means to be in the US instead of living the Mickey Mouse life.

We started of really good right away, after Jack picked us up at the airport we found ourselves between howling police cars, ambulances and firetrucks.
Much to my surprise the last ones were yellow instead of red. Takes a little getting used to.
The whole event, a car on fire and thick black smoke, made us weary of our 2 hour trip on the highway from Dulles airport to Dillsburg, but much to our surprise the roads were near to empty.
And through the whole week it stayed that way unless we entered a city.

At this moment my impressions of the US are great. It is a different world, but not in any way worse or better than Europe.
But before I get to that in the posts to follow, I have to say that being in Jacks house, meeting his dogs, walking around the neighborhood and meeting the neighbors was wonderful.
In spite of what Jack said, we did do some exiting things and had many new experiences. I mean, isn't giving the chance of a first flying lesson to a 13 year old exiting?
I think it is...
And to me, painting birdhouses was just as much fun.
Meeting new people is nerve wrecking and having the luxury of a fire in a fireplace, with someone you want to be with, having a glass of wine together is just the best thing ever.


Anonymous said...


wonderful that you all had such a terrific time!!! isn't is great to have such empty roads as son as you get out of the city?? and then the gas price!!! didn't your jaw drop to your shoes?? Looking forward to reading MORE about your impressions!

and was everything OK with the dogs when you got home?

Laura said...

Heya, I'm very glad to hear that you had a great time! :)
I want to hear more!