Sunday, March 9, 2008

Things you shouldn't do on a rainy sunday afternoon

...opening a package of Oreo cookies.
Half of it is gone already and that means another attack on the weight loss I worked so hard for before our visit to Jack.

The other attacks took place during our visit, since we both love a good glass of wine and we had no obligations outside the house after dinner, we liked a glass of wine while Jack started cooking.
Yes, Jack did cook and I have to say he did a pretty good job. He does way better than I do with meat, his chicken and tenderloin were wonderful. Better than I could have done. And really, taco's aren't that bad either. And they are a lot of fun to put together for a 13 year old.LOL, I really got to get lazy that week, no cooking at all besides getting the fresh green beans ready for cooking, that was it.
Hmm, I could get used to that.

To make sure we could have dinner, we had to go to the market a few times.
And that is something else...
They are huge over there. No small markets downtown, but shopping centers somewhere outside. Not much fun to walk around like we can do here.
Huge parking lots that at some point made me laugh out loud.
Just like over here, there are the special parking places for disabled people.
Close to the shops, which made totally sense to me.
But during one visit I took a better look at some of the other parking spaces and had to ask Jack if they were serious...
After the parking spaces for the disabled, you got the ones for pregnant women, the ones for people with kids...
I mean, I was still riding my bike 8 months pregnant, it wouldn't have hurt one bit to walk a few steps.
Anyway, I could add another strange thing to my list.
As for the markets themselves, they are huge. For every item they have too many brands, too many choices. How much choice do you need in tissue's?
Not a whole lane I think.

But it is fun to see things you have never heard of, see the difference in food.
One of the markets we went to was amazing, isles with fresh prepared food, you could make your own salads and other complete meals there. So much stuff that looked really good, it was hard to walk away with just buying what you need.
Which is probably just what they wanted you to do.

I learned very fast to just look, since Jack would throw every thing in the basket that I was curious about. Which is why I am eating Oreo's now.

One really great thing I have to mention here is something I noticed which may have been just a lucky strike, but we seldom saw Moms with little kids in the markets.
It may have been the timing, but when I have to get groceries here, no matter what time, there is always a tired looking Mom with one or two screaming kids.
Please tell me they have special parking spaces there that you can leave the screaming kids?


Anonymous said...

please tell me when you found those parking spaces for the screaming kids
i will try them the next time when i'm shopping

Anonymous said...


Haha nice blog! You story reminds me of the UK supermarkets, altho the ones in the States are even bigger. Even in the UK (compared to here) I just couldn't believe the ammount of stuff they'd pack on a shelf. Also stuff they have never heard of here. After being here in Holland for years, I couldn't wait to "go home" and visit Safeways or Sainsburys and buy in heaps of things to take back. Not just for me but for all the people who had ordered things for me to bring back for them too.

Reading your story on the GINN site, I think I'd rather go for the groceries anyday than the pups on the shelves!:'-(