Thursday, June 19, 2008


Yes, there are 25 full days left before we will be getting on the plane that should bring us to the US.
Going to be 25 long days, mainly because I want to be there so much.
Not that I should complain, there is a lot going on that should make time fly.

I made a list that is hanging on the fridge right now.
Terrified I may forget something since everything is packed together in the last few weeks. School ends for my son so there is a lot of activities going on there, things are arranged for the new school, the 10th anniversary of the GINN reunion this weekend, maybe picking up a dog, buying stuff for the new school, clothes for my son for this summer (are teenagers on steroids? They grow so fast it is scary), getting the house cleaned up, making sure we have everything for the trip packed and oh, there seems to be a birthday somewhere in between also.
LOL, better skip that one,think I will just stay 43 for one more year.

And this is only from my side of the pond, Jack has his own hectic life rightnow.
A birthday somewhere in between also.

So, adding one and one together, it seems that time would be flying.
Strangely enough it is not. It feels like time is dragging on.
Feels like it will be ages until we will be close again.
But that is probably just me being impatient. Very, very impatient.

And guess what, when we are finally together, than time will fly...

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