Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My new Spanish Princess

Guess it is time to introduce her finally.
Sunday I brought home Cara. She is a Galgo Espagnol and arrived sunday morning really early after a long trip from Spain.
That wasn't going to be all, later that day we had to travel another 5 hours by train and bus to get home, since we were in Limburg, the other side of the country.
But I am very happy to say that Paquita is eating again and even tried to play today.
She got very lonely after Tom and Isa passed away and Reza left to her new home.
When I found out she got really depressed, I went looking for another dog.
It had to be a galgo or greyhound off course.

On the Scooby website I found Paloma, 3 years old, not too scared and a gentle dog.
Sounded like a good match for Paquita.

Turned out she is a bit younger. Just a tiny bit...
Her passport says 9 months, but we guess she is about 15 months old.
LOL, after Paquita I swore, never again a puppy.
Technically Cara (which is her name now) isn't a puppy, but behavior wise....
I think we are in for some fun, just hope she won't eat my books or other stuff.

Anyway, here she is:


Anonymous said...

Willeke 09:55

what a beauty!

Anonymous said...

Hil 10:25

what a cutey...very much a puppy face

Anonymous said...

Cisca 10:41


Anonymous said...

Jacinta 13:44
Welcome home Cara
You melted a lot of hearts already and you will do more!

Anonymous said...

Anne Marie

Isn't she lovely...Cara Mia Mine.