Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Wild, Wild West.

One thing I wish we did here that I saw was common in the Netherlands was provide animal parks for the local village and towns people. I always enjoyed our doggie walks that went past the local animal park where Petra lives. While we do not have those, I think from what I saw and have heard, we have more wildlife roaming around in the wild and they can be seen often in the area.

We both like being outdoors and here in Pennsylvania we have massive areas that are wild and natural. Places to see all kinds of birds, reptiles and mammals that may be new to Petra and her son. We have already decided that we will take hikes and enjoy the wilderness around where I live so I thought I would show some pictures of some of the critters we should see as we take our nature walks.
First I thought I would show you some of the animals that I see regularly in my own yard and neighborhood and follow up with some that we should have a good chance of seeing on our walks in the woods.
From my own house walking the dogs, I see: Rabbits, skunks, squirills and groundhogs.

On our walks in the woods we should have a good chance of seeing: Deer, fox, bears, opossum, raccoons and porcupines.

There are many more that we may see and of course many birds and reptiles that are very common but hopefully we can see some of these mammals and Petra will have her camera ready. LOL


Petra said...

Gosh, always thought Skunks were flat?

jack said...

They are flat when they are run over by a car and then they stink up the neighborhood. LOL