Monday, June 9, 2008

We turned the country orange

at least, for now.
For the Dutch, soccer is the game. And it shows.
For some reason totally sane people turn into madmen as soon as there are European or World Championships.
And even if I might have chosen to ignore the whole thing, today there was no avoiding it.
Tonight the Netherlands played their first game in the European Championships against Italy. Streets turn orange because of the decorations that are put up everywhere.
Every shop gives away little 'have to have it's' or sell every possible item in the color orange.
And you know what, at a certain point it gets to you, everywhere you look you see something in that terrible bright color.
And that moment you have to choices, accept it and go along with it, or go crazy and move to Iceland.
I choose the first option, I am actually enjoying the whole mood.
I won't go as far as actually sit down and watch the game, but when I was walking Paquita this evening and I suddenly heard the whole town cheering I knew 'we' scored.
I enjoyed the kids getting out on their bikes during the break, shouting and singing about us being the champions.
And yes, we won, big time, 3-0. Next time the Dutch have to play is Friday.
Against the French if I am right, might be a hard game.
But until than I will enjoy the crazyness.
Maybe I should dig up that orange doggy t-shirt?

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