Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I Am Proud Tonight

As most of you probably know we are in an election year where we will finally gey rid of, in my opinion, the worst President in the history of this country. We have done more in the past 8 years to hurt our relationships with our friends abroad than in any period in history. While no one knows if the next President can repair that damage, one thing is very clear over here. There is a growing feeling that everything about how we have approached things both here and abroad needs to change, and change in a big way.

Why am I proud tonight? Well because with all of our problems we are on the verge of nominating the first African-American for the highest position in this country and I believe he has a very good chance of winning in November.

We still have very real problems with racial equality but I think tonight we are making a huge step in seeing all people as one and that all people have the opportunity in this country to reach for anything they set their sights on.

ArchBishop Desmond Tutu from South Africa put it this way today: "You've got all of that going against you, (racial tensions) and yet you produce (Obama). Where else in the world would you ever have had anything like that? I mean an African-American being not just a credible candidate but one who has galvanized -- I mean, the number of young people who have come out and said, "Yes, we think it is actually possible to have a different kind of society." Only here."

I hope his words are right and I hope that we repair the damage with our friends all over the world. We are over here, afterall, all immigrants from somewhere.

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