Friday, June 27, 2008


I have had greyhounds and galgo's for close to nine years now but I never had heard the Greyhound Scream of Death. Maybe because I tend to adopt or foster the older dogs, I don't really know. But this morning I heard it.
And yes, it makes your blood go cold in your veins and your toes curl.
All it took was for my little princess to slip away on the kitchen floor and hit her paw against the fridge.
Man, you wake up fast when a dog screams like that, I really expected for her leg to be broken.

Thinking back, I should have made a picture, she was sitting down, on her tail, paw up and screaming her little head off.

The moment I saw that, little warning bells went off in my head, so I stroked her head until she was quiet, asked her if she was ok and walked away deciding to see what happens.
By this time I hardly could keep back my laughing knowing I had heard the GSoD for the first time, but probably not the last.

I know, she hurt herself, but the moment I realized that she screamed too loud, I decided to walk away after she stopped screaming and wait and see if she would walk on it. The first meters she put her paw down very carefully, had it up while standing.
But soon she was back on all four.
Unless she saw me looking, than the paw went up.

I think my little princess is a dramaqueen

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