Friday, January 11, 2008

Christmas 2007

The nice thing about spending Christmas in The Netherlands is that they have two official days of celebration. I am surprised we have not adopted this over here. Any chance to get an extra holiday and create a reason to spend more money sounds so American. LOL
But it is nice in that you can spend one of the Christmas days together and use the other one to visit family.

We had a great relaxing Christmas together, shared the time, exchanged gifts and enjoyed it just as I had hoped. I even helped Petra make Christmas dinner. LOL
It may sound funny but I love to go to the grocery store with Petra. I see all kinds of new things and I have a hard time keeping from adding them to the cart. I even found the ingredients to make mexican tacos which is something we eat a lot over here as a quick and simple meal so later in the trip I made tacos one night for Petra and I. LOL Not very fancy but hey, for me..........

The second Christmas day we were invited to go to Petra's parents for the evening and dinner. What a great time that was and a wonderful meal. It was a huge table full of foods to cook right there at the table. There was an indoor grill set up and a fondue pot to prepare your choices. I have to say that was just a great time. I hope also next time to visit Petra's parents and explore the area a little more. It looked very interesting. It was great to get together with the whole family again. I have very little family left and no one near so being able to feel a part of a family was very special to me. I truly appreciate and thank Petra's parents for making me feel welcomed.

Enough for this time. Lot's more to share later.

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