Monday, January 14, 2008

It Never Lasts Long Enough

I'll jump to the last full day of my trip to spend the Christmas holiday with Petra. I hate that feeling that comes over you during the last couple of days knowing that it will soon end and you have to go home. Oh well, we still put in a very busy day on the eve of my return.

We spent the biggest part of the day in the city of Groningen. I really like this place. It is a University city so it is full of activity and energy. I was looking forward to repeating some of what we did the first time Petra took me to Groningen. Go to the outdoor market and have some of the best fish on earth, kibbeling. It is great. Then a little later we had to stop by the outdoor store that sells the best ice cream on earth, Australian Ice Cream. So good. LOL

We shopped, something neither one of us really like doing, and then we wanted to go to the very modern museum that was featuring Russian artwork displaying European Fairy Tales. Something I learned was that unlike what I think of as American fairy tales that are basically childrens stories, European ones were much more aimed at adults and dealt a lot with the darker side, full of battle and creatures. It was very interesting. We also spent a long time going through the other exhibits. It's a great museum and I even got to see works of some of the best Dutch painters.

After a long day in the city we spent our last evening going out to dinner at a very nice Balkan restuarant in the village. We had a chance to think about the trip and all of the things we did together. I enjoyed every moment of it. When we were on the go and when we were at home being a normal couple. Thanks for a wonderful time Petra.
You will notice these pictures are not nearly as interesting as the ones in my other posts. That's because Petra added her great pictures to those. These two are mine and you can sure tell. LOL

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