Wednesday, January 30, 2008

World travelers?

When ever did that happen?
From not having traveled for years, besides the trips to Spanish shelters for me, I just had to get a travel insurance with world coverage.

At this moment I am trying to get ready for visiting Jack in a few weeks. The same stuff as last time, making sure I have someone to care for the dogs,thinking about a haircut, which I won't do. Just so everyone knows in advance....
But also decided, with the plans Jack and I talked about to get a travel insurance for a whole year.
Which is easy these days, you get them on line. I did decide to go with the company that takes care of my health and other stuff.
The advantage was that I got an honest answer on a few questions I did have.
Like, does my health care covers the costs of ending up in hospital in the US for example. Well, it didn't, so I had to take care of that.
Always a good idea I think when you travel with a 13 year old who just found out he loves to scare his Mom with joining Jack in his adventures that involve heights.

Got a little kick out of pressing the button, World wide or Europe.
I know, childish, but world wide sounds so much more adventurous than Europe...

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