Monday, January 21, 2008

New toys

Being tied to the house, my last piercings went terribly wrong and I am on antibiotics now, I decided it was time to see if I could figure out one of Jacks presents.
Being the optimist he is, he thought I would be able to figure out an iPod.
Not being really sure I wouldn't mess it up, I waited until my son was at home, so I could ask him in case of emergencies. But it looks like it is working.
Right now Robbie Williams is finding his way to my iPod I hope. Soon he will be followed by Blof and John Mayer.
Those guys will make the long train travels bearable and in the near future also go with me on runs again I hope.

Yep, should be going back to running because there is one thing going terrible wrong when Jack and I are together.
We both love food. LOL, a bit too much and in my case it shows. Also because we stopped smoking over a year ago. And it is so easy to start eating than.
But after x-mas I decided enough is enough. So all extra's are thrown out of the diet and it is going to the gym twice a week.
Now I just have to figure out how to give Jack that kick in the butt to get him going again.

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Laura said...

a good way to get someone determined to lose weight, is to buy a pair of REALLY cool yeans or something, that are one size to small and make this certain person squeeze into those and make a picture of that.

Put that picture on the fridge and voila...

Who needs Sonja Bakker with this kind of good advice? *wink wink*