Saturday, January 12, 2008

Museums and More

I read once where The Netherlands has more more museums per population than any other country in the world. I like that since I am a big history lover and I believe it also. There are museums everywhere.

In the town that Petra lives we visited the Toy Museum one afternoon and it was great. I was amazed with the amount and quality of the displays in this local town museum. There was even a traveling display of toys, including wonderful kites, from China. It is nice to think that these things exist and are busy even in the smaller towns.
Museums over here tend to be located in the cities unless it is a town of some historic significance and then it is directly related to that event that made the town important in our history.

What was especially fun was that at the end of the tour there was a shop that sold old fashioned toys, some that I was familiar with but some things I have never seen before. I bought a few items and later at Petra's parents house they showed me how to use them. LOL

Then on another afternoon the three of us went into the city of Groningen and went to the cinema to see "The Golden Compass." It was a very good movie. I can't remember the last time I went to the theatre. I noticed a difference from our theatres right away. First, it was a very nice theatre with big comfortable seats but also there was a bar that you could purchase wine or beer or all of the other stuff typical for the movies. No bars at the movies here. LOL That was a fun afternoon. More to follow.

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