Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Time for an update....

It is well over a week ago already that Jack went back home, so it is finally time to tell a little about the last visit. The reason I hadn't done that yet was because there are a few changes in the galgo rescue group I volunteer for, so I had been rather busy with a few things.

But back to Jacks visit, it was wonderful to see him again, even better to have him here where he could meet my family again. I mean, they do have to get used to him being around.
Plan was to make this a relaxed week, no running from one place to another, but simply enjoy each others company.
I think we did, but we also went from one place to another. LOL, I got the feeling Jack feared to miss out on something if we spent more than half a day at home.
Anyway, we met my family at my sisters birthday, with x-mas and spend a good time together with my parents during our visit to Westerbork and dinner.

I'll leave it to Jack to give an impression on what we did.
After that I will add some pictures and comments I think.

What I do want to say is that we hope to meet the end of February again and right now it feels like that is way too long.

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Comment by Willeke:
mooie foto, looks like a nice guy!!!
will you be at the RONO strand , the new year's event of the WvCNL?