Monday, January 28, 2008

A fun day

After a week that seemed to last forever, it finally was time for the annual beach walk of the rescue group I volunteer for. The walk takes place on the other side of our country, in the Hague. This year I could only bring the youngest of my dogs, since the two old ones can't travel by train.
When I arrived I soon found out that it would be a really good day, a lot of people came. And, our guess is between 130 and 150 dogs.
The weather couldn't have been better, it was sunny, around 10 degrees Celsius and windy.

I thought you might enjoy a few pictures of the day.
My galgo mix Paquita pretending she doesn't see Jan.

This is Mike, brought him with me from Spain two years ago. Hard to believe he got this big.


Anonymous said...


het was zeker een mooie dag!!!
(it was a good day indeed )

Anonymous said...


how wonderful!!! glad you had such a great day!! and those dogs, they all look so happy!!

Laura said...

Lovely, to bad I couldn't be there to enjoy the weather with you and the dogs.

Anonymous said...


Leuke foto's. Het was zeker een mooi en gezellige dag.Ik moest zo lachen om de foto van Jan en Paquita...hij dringt echt niet door bij haar en Jan doet zo zijn best